Blink Logic CEO Davebert (David Morris) hires yet another Investor Relations firm

Blink Logic may not have any software programmers left on staff but the company sure has plenty of IR firms. An 8K filed today with the SEC details the contracts that Davebert recently signed with investor relations firms MKR Group and Salzwedel Financial Communications. Seems Davebert is more interested in trying to pump up the stock price then building a healthy software company. Jeff Salzwedel the big kahuna at Salzwedel Financial Communications has an interesting history promoting public companies.

As the 8K explains, Salzwedel has cut himself a sweet deal with Blink Logic. Not only will he draw $6,000 in cash per month but he will also receive a “Commencement Bonus,” 345,000 shares and 655,000 warrants at $00.01 per share. With the BLKL currently trading at $1.80 or so a share one can only wonder why Davebert would need to essentially give his company’s stock away.