Blink Logic Signs Irving Texas’ largest CRM Vendor

Kudos today for Blink Logic’s rookie CEO, David “Davebert” Morris, on their win with Irving Texas’ largest CRM wannabe — CRMG.

According to the press release,The reason most CRM implementations fail is because enterprises cannot halt business activities to select, implement, and adapt to software, said Mir Ali, CEO and Founder, CRMG.

Whoa. this guy is definitely the sharpest knife in the drawer. I think Mr. Ali just cracked the CRM equivalent to the Diffie-Helman problem.

Actually, I’m probably doing Mr. Ali a gross disservice. Davebert recently brought in his third or fourth Investor Relations firm and my guess is that they authored this asinine piece of nonsense.

Just in case you’ve lost track, Davebert started with Elite Financial Communications Group back in the summer. He quickly decided that they sucked so he brought in Jimmy Caplan from the Market Makers. Jimmy and crew survived about 23.5 days and was replaced by firm called MKR Group that does a lot of work for Roth Capital’s portfolio companies. And all of this transpired within a six month period. BTW, Roth Capital’s own PR group did a terrific job of securing this oh-so-flattering piece in the New York Post entitled “Roth Capital’s $lease to Please.”