Cognos Dumps Blink Logic from Partner Program

The German technology magazine PC Welt picked up a story that originated with Seems that Blink Logic CEO David Morris can’t quite get his head around the fact that Cognos would boot the company for putting out a press release that essentially slammed the newest edition of Cognos’ BI software.

“I’m not exactly sure what Cognos is thinking,” Morris said. “They haven’t told us when our partnership will end and we’re not sure why they decided to do this. Our founders (DenesBartakovich and Robert Poole) are former Cognos employees.” Come on Davey, like Cognos has a responsibility to employees that quit and start competitive companies..duh?

Morris also promised investors a huge number of new customers in 2008. “We’ll have approximately 65 to 60 ISVs up and running with significant market reach in North America this year,” Morris said. “We’re going to continue to build a product that can be worked with easily. We’re also going to continue to invest and double the size of the company by increasing our market awareness.”