David Morris (aka Davebert) continues his reckless ruination of Blink Logic

Reports have been trickling in to this blogger about the decimation of the development group at Blink Logic’s world headquarters in Ottawa. The once proud team have all either been terminated or quit in the past couple of weeks. As was expected, rookie CEO Davebert (David Morris) and rookie CTO Mikebert (Michael Winner pictured at left) have opted to outsource product development to a group in Zhejiang China. With the average hourly wage of $3.75 for a mid-level software developer, it’s hard to fault Dave and Mike’s strategy.

The next logical step for Davebert would be to outsource sales and marketing to Uzbekistan. Perhaps Davebert might consider joining Oprah and Eckhart Tolle for their weekly study of A New Earth. Lord knows that Davebert could use a little self awareness. Mind you, this would be predicated on Davebert being able to read sentences longer then five words in length.