Be a Liberal, Wallow in Inconsistency

I love liberals. They are so entertaining. At least, they’re entertaining when they are not in charge. When they are in charge, they do nothing but destroy and show their incredible inconsistencies. Let’s consider just a few of those inconsistencies.

After the killing of several church goers in South Carolina, Liberals began a crusade to get rid of all Confederacy-related monuments, building names, and other stuff.

An actress out of California is pushing to have J.E.B. Stuart High School, is trying to get the name of the school changed. After all, J.E.B. Stuart was a general for the Confederate army. And we all know the confederacy was all about racism.

A confederate monument in front of some courthouse has been covered up (God forbid our children should see the man with a Confederate flag) until the city can figure out what they can do to get that shameful image removed.

And ostensibly, all of this is being done so the darker members of society (aka Negroes) won’t have their sensibilities offended.

But if we are going to do these things, why stop there? There are a whole host of monuments, street names, and building names the Liberals should be upset about. At least they should be if they were to be consistent, a quality not closely associated with Liberalism.

If the Liberals were consistent they would want to erase the presence of Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger, and even W.E.B Dubois.

Pull up a chair and let me tell you why.

You’re all familiar with Woody Wilson, right? He was a progressive; what we now call Liberals.

President Wilson was an interesting fellow. You could say, without being the least bit hyperbolic or incendiary, that he was a racist. Why would I say that?

Have you ever heard of a movie entitled “Birth of a Nation”? Produced by D. W. Griffith and debuted back in 1913. It extolled the South, the Confederacy, and the Southern enmity toward Blacks. It did a great deal to actually incite some of the dumber Southern types to do violence against Blacks. It represented Blacks as a bunch of chicken chompin’, White woman chasing, bunch of animals.

Guess who thought the movie was a work of art? Wait! Wait! Guess who held a viewing in the Whitehouse (I hope that wasn’t too big a clue)? And guess who had D.W. over as a result of the movie?

Yep. Woodrow Wilson.

He thought the Klan was right on target. He thought Blacks (Federal employees) should be separate from the whites federal employees. He re-segregated Federal services insisting that Blacks would be much better off if they weren’t around Whites.

Woodrow Wilson was hostile to Blacks. He was a racist. He promoted the Klan. He promoted a movie that was incredibly hostile to Blacks. He re-segregated the Federal service.

Yet, we have a major street in Alexandria Virginia named after him: Wilson Blvd. The Wilson Bridge is a structure that connects Washington DC and Maryland.

Some folks were talking about removing the bodies of a confederate general and his wife. Yet no one is calling for the removal of Wilson’s body from the National Cathedral.

But it gets a little better. When Wilson was president and re-segregated the Federal Service, moving Black in the Departments into separate buildings, guess who signed the order? Yes, it was Theodore Roosevelt himself.

Guess who maintained the separation of men in the military? Yep. FDR.

If the Libs are going to be consistent, shouldn’t they rename the Roosevelt Bridge? And shouldn’t they get rid of the monument he got just a few years ago? Wouldn’t the Libs want to do that?

Do you think someone who views your race as weeds in a garden is friend of your race? I certainly wouldn’t.

I’d be frightened of someone who wanted to use rather drastic measures to get rid of Blacks before they have a chance to be born. And yet Margaret Sanger is viewed as one of the patron saints of Feminists and Liberals in general.

She was very much in favor of using abortion to get rid of Blacks and other people of color. She was the creator of Planned Parenthood, an organization that has killed multiple millions of Black babies, something every Klan member would have given his eye-tooth to accomplish.

So why are we trying to put this woman’s image on the five dollar bill?

And Dubois? He thought what the Nazis were doing was just fine. Just fine.

But again, Liberals are not consistent. Or perhaps, just perhaps, they know you don’t pay enough attention to see that they are not consistent.

They even provide you with “pastors” who help you not see the realities of Liberalism. Jesse (Having My Baby) Jackson has practically pledged his soul to Planned Parenthood. Ditto for Al (Don’t Mention Tawana Brawley) Sharpton.

These men, and men like them are pimps who want nothing more than to make money off of you. If they can get extra money by being a shill for the Liberals, hey, they’ll do that too.

Get off the plantation. Think for yourselves. If you profess to be a Christian, then make decisions like a Christian. Don’t listen to those pulpit pimps who are more interested in getting your money than teaching you a Christian world view.