Seems like people will project their homophobia on anything, even churches! In Atlanta, St. John’s Episcopal Church in College Park was vandalized over the weekend with an anti-gay message tacked to its front door, causing concern among members of the church.

Father Troy Beecham, rector at the church, said a message stating, “homosexual priest in the pulpit in this church are an abomination! 666” was handwritten on a piece of cardboard and posted on the door for members to see when they came to church Sunday morning.

“It was found by a gay member when he unlocked the doors Sunday morning at 7 a.m. He was going to throw it away but another gay member said that I should see it,” Beecham said.

Beecham, the first openly gay rector at St. John’s, has been at the church for two months. He said members were in fear for their physical safety as well as shocked by the message. The church, located on Main Street, has a sizable gay membership and has never been targeted by anti-gay vandalism before, Beecham added.

A police report was filed and Beecham said officers were being very supportive and taking the incident seriously. College Park police have labeled the incident as vandalism, but a complete report was not immediately available.

“The community and congregation has been very supportive as well as shocked,” Beecham said.