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After Stormfront’s Nazi origins were exposed, The Boys season 2 included a quick reference that confirmed Stormfront killed Jeffrey Epstein.

The Boys season 2 finale subtly revealed that Stormfront (Aya Cash) killed Jeffrey Epstein in the show’s alternate, superhero-filled timeline. Even though The Boys is set in a fictionalized universe with Supes, the show has repeatedly confirmed the existence of some real-life people, such as Alden Ehrenreich and Seth Rogen. It has now been confirmed that not only did Jeffrey Epstein exist in The Boys‘ universe but Stormfront played a part in killing him.

Jeffrey Epstein was a powerful financier who rose to prominence through his connections to celebrities and politicians during the 2010s. Epstein became a convicted sex offender after prostituting a minor in 2008, and was arrested in 2019 under charges for his involvement in a sex trafficking ring involving minors. Epstein died in his prison cell one month after his arrest, and although the death was officially ruled a suicide, it has been widely speculated that he was murdered before he could stand trial and possibly link others to his sex trafficking ring. Much of this was covered in Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. While there is no definitive evidence to support such claims, The Boys put its own spin on what happened to Epstein.

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In the season 2 finale, Stormfront’s past as a Nazi is leaked to the public by The Boys and A-Train, and it becomes a major news story. The documentation of Stormfront’s past included how she was married to Vought’s founder Frederick Vought, and pictures of Stormfront throughout the years. But it also appears that the files included evidence to link Stormfront to the death of Jeffrey Epstein. A news ticker on one TV station covering the Stormfront news states: “NYPD: Credible lead ties Stormfront to Jeffrey Epstein death.” Instead of the conspiracy theories about politicians or celebrities being behind Epstein’s death in real life, this tease from The Boys season 2 finale suggests that Stormfront was responsible.

If Epstein lived a similar life in The Boys as he did in the real world, then the evidence that Stormfront had something to do with his death could be notable. Given her ties to Vought and history with the Church of the Collective, it is possible that someone involved with either entity could’ve been tied to Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme. Much like the conspiracy theories that Epstein was murdered before he could link politicians, celebrities, and more as accomplices, perhaps Stormfront was used to execute him or involved in the decision to kill him.

Even with Stormfront’s connection to Epstein’s death, the implications of this tease are unknown. This might just be a small jokey reference that The Boys will never address again, leaving fans to wonder what evidence there and what role Stormfront played. What it does further illustrate, though, is the ruthlessness of Stormfront and that she could be behind many more killings than those shown in the show. Season 2 showed her kill Kimiko’s brother and a young black man in the 1970s, so Epstein could be the latest person to die at Stormfront’s hands.

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