Did Black Church Preacher sell out Congregation to Donald Trump

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, a business and political leader, philanthropist, pastor and broadcast entrepreneur, who has aspirations in media and the owner of Impact Network, openly invited Donald Trump into his church’s house. Of course, to get the church folk on his side, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson rallied the troops and letting them know that […]

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7 thoughts on “Did Black Church Preacher sell out Congregation to Donald Trump

  1. Guest

    Trump owes Bernie Sanders an apology over saying the two protestors from Black Lives Matter took over Bernie’s stage after Trump let a black female Pastor make him apologize, something he said he never even did to God because according to him he lives such a perfect life. Imagine that….. a black woman preacher shut Donald Trump up!!!!

  2. Guest

    Trump draws a huge crowd like Donald the Circus Clown everywhere he goes but the black church. I doubt there were over 200 people in both black churches he pandered to.

  3. Roy Jr

    Giving Trump a prayer shawl is not going to get him saved. Everybody cant were a prayer shawl. It is very sacred when used correctly. So why did the Bishop give him a prayer shawl??? Really….

  4. PAC

    It’s sad Trump had to read his introduction from paper, if he felt things from his heart he could have spoken it without the help of notes to the church members. Secondly what can I we say, black church’s signed up for this…when your church sign up for 501 (3) C you are obligated to the government first of all. Thirdly, some preachers get star struck and he is star struck as well as some of the members. If he really had compassion and concern for black folks he would have spoke out long before now you think? Come on folks the pickin’s are slim and it’s like a catch 22 but he’s not it either. Wake Up.

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