#donaldtrump | Trump launches new merch store

MAGA hats are back on sale.

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday launched a new merchandise store brimming with “Make America Great Again” ball caps, “Save America” bumper stickers and “Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Trump” flags and yard signs and mugs and more.

Proceeds from the shop will benefit Trump’s “Save America” leadership political action committee, which the former president can use in myriad ways to remain active in politics as he looks to exert influence in the 2022 midterms and potentially beyond as he teases a 2024 presidential bid.

Trump’s team heralded the new online shop with a classic caps-filled text message to his supporters: “We released our official SAVE AMERICA gear & I’m giving YOU EARLY-ACCESS.”

Trump’s new store on Republican fundraising platform WinRed comes roughly three months after Shopify reportedly shut down two Trump-affiliated shops in the wake of the deadly U.S. Capitol riot.

Purchases from the new store will benefit the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee. Save America PAC has roughly $85 million in the bank, a Trump adviser recently told Politico.

Trump, considered a prolific fundraiser, recently defended his 2020 fundraising operation after the New York Times reported his campaign began setting up recurring contributions by default for online donors. Trump, in a statement, insisted his and the Republican Party’s fundraising efforts “were all done legally.”

Trump’s operation launched its new online store hours after former Vice President Mike Pence announced his “Advancing American Freedom” conservative advocacy group as Republicans with eyes on 2024 position themselves for possible runs.

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