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Packed crowds line the Brooklyn streets, creating a bustling nightlife atmosphere. Signs pointing toward the entrance of the parking lot create a long, single-file line of people anxiously waiting to get in. After scanning each customer’s ticket, several employees help direct drivers to their spot in the chaotic yet organized system. Thrilled groups of families and friends grab buckets of popcorn from concessions, but not before snapping a picture or two of the breathtaking city views. As the sun sets, moviegoers hop into their cars and the film begins. This is Skyline Drive-In NYC.

 Stationed at 1 Oak St. in Brooklyn, Skyline Drive-In NYC is the perfect socially distanced spot for all ages. Every day, rain or shine, Skyline features at least one select film. From horror to rom-coms, whether it’s a classic or current film, there is a movie for everyone to enjoy at Skyline. Although this is a drive-in
theater, to accommodate the city’s many non-car owners, Skyline’s new seating area allows those without a car, including motorcyclists and bikers, to join in on the fun. Even those with cars can opt to bring folding chairs and blankets to set up outside their vehicle. Masks and social distancing, however, are required anywhere outside of the cars.

It’s understandable why customers are not only allowed but also advised to come one to two hours early so they can enjoy the stunning city sights. Aside from a retro drive-in experience, what sets Skyline apart from the rest is its one-of-a-kind view. Located on the East River, the sight of the Manhattan skyline sunset is reason alone to come here. 

The gorgeous views are not just cherished by customers at Skyline: It’s also been a popular hotspot for photography and filming. Just recently, Colombian music artist Maluma performed on stage at Skyline during this year’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Another perk to getting there early is that the theater allows customers to select their viewing spot on a first-come, first-served basis. However, any spot at Skyline a great one thanks to the drive-in’s two huge projector screens. Sound is transmitted through not only an outdoor sound system but also via car radio through Skyline’s select station. For those who are hard of hearing, Skyline also provides English subtitles for every movie.

Essential to any movie theater, concessions help make the movie-going experience a thousand times better. Popcorn, pretzels, ice cream and soda are just a few staples that are available for purchase. However, for a heartier meal, Skyline offers Grubhub delivery from local restaurants. The concessions open two hours before each show and remain open to satisfy any mid-movie cravings.

Skyline is also an affordable venue for families, as the cost is calculated per car up to seven passengers – not per person. Totaling around $56, Skyline makes for a great night out with friends for just about $8 per person. And no need to fear, pets are allowed.

Skyline Drive-In NYC is certainly worth stopping by. Grab some loved ones, watch a spectacular movie alongside a beautiful view, create some amazing memories and enjoy a night to remember.

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