Gaggle Company Offers School Safety Solutions

For the upcoming school year 1,200 districts have partnered with the student “safety solutions” company Gaggle to provide safety management for students online. Gaggle is a program that can alert the school when a student is struggling with self-harm, cyberbullying, substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, and other credible threats. Gaggle reports show that during the last school year its program helped school districts save 722 students from carrying out an act of suicide.

The company’s vision is to create products that will help schools create safe learning environments. Today, Gaggle’s safety management programs use a mathematical logarithm to identify high risk phrases and words when students are logged into their district’s server and are using the school’s communication and collaboration tools. Even the name “Gaggle” is a part of this vision. Company founder Jeff Patterson said, “Our goal was to give teachers an easy way to watch over their gaggle of students.”

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