Get Your Book – Get Your Breakthrough: Pulpit Pimping for Dummies

“Pulpit Pimping for Dummies” is a valuable tool for you to add to your preaching toolbox. With the added income practically guaranteed, you’ll be able to buy all those other book (commentaries, bible dictionaries and crap) so you can impress the one or two kind of smart sheeple you occasionally allow into your house.

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10 thoughts on “Get Your Book – Get Your Breakthrough: Pulpit Pimping for Dummies

  1. Earnestine Rowe

    You all need to read a book titled “The zeal of thine house has eaten me up”. The author last name is Burns. It will shock the @!%? out of you! There is a chapter called pimps in it that’s on point and one called prostitutes.

  2. Margoth

    I think there is a balance here that we all want to acvihee. Young’ preachers often have the effect of a good public speech, something that would score well at a 6th form (yes I am showing my age) speech contest: good delivery, good pace, good points, good structure etc but fake, fake, fake.

    (MN: But I’m not dealing with fake on the site. I’m dealing primarily with heresy and the willingness to use heresy to ensnare people. )

    On the other hand extemporaneous preaching can be dynamic and natural and lively etc, but it can also have the affect of taking out all the detail in the talk. I have seen this numerous times and can think immediately of a number of preachers I know to whom this has happened. In their desire to be free and natural and spontaneous, their sermons have become shallow, biblically stunted, and they lack the thought provoking, soul enlarging capacity that could be there otherwise. Balance so needed and so hard to find. Sounds like you are finding yours just right Laura!

  3. Wade

    I have to be honest. The tithes aren’t that much compared to the offerings. I play the piano for churches and the pastors will ask every adult to give $100 dollars. I’ve seen 40 or 50 people get up and give $100, then the pastor will say “We still haven’t met our goal” and ask the congregation to give another $50. I sit shocked as people that are struggling to keep their lights on give more and more money to a man or woman that doesn’t need anything. Didn’t Peter tell the man at the Beautiful Gate “silver and gold have I none”? Didn’t Jesus say “birds have nests and foxes have holes…”
    Why do we think we are worthy of more glory than the son of God himself?

  4. zombiesnthechurch

    ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY…..’PIMPING’ THE PEOPLE TO PROFIT THE PIMP! Sad but so so true…we just had a show on yesterday talking about just that all this mess that is sold by the pastors to the ZOMBIES that support them! Its all pimpin at its best…WHEN did the Bible become not enough for God s people? Why is it that “passsa” words are more powerful than the Master’s words! Its all in the GAME and the pimpin-pulpit game aint changed—–JUST THE PIMPS (I mean pastors)…

  5. walksbyf8h

    Bro Melvin …. your cheese has slid right off your cracker. That was too funny! I loved the testimonies.

  6. mhjones2001

    Yeah. I really had to nag these people to get them to respond. And if you can believe it, a couple of them got their book for free because I felt so sorry for them and really wanted to see them do better. When they do better, I do better with my “covering” scam.

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