How to Grow Your Church Like I Grew P.I.M.P Temple

It’s been a while, but I wanted to make sure I kept my readers informed on how me and my church are doing.   Believe me, it’s been great because it’s been really, really  profitable for me.  Click here for the previous update. Over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about […]

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4 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Church Like I Grew P.I.M.P Temple

  1. Stephanie

    Lord have mercy, brother! You hit the nail right on the head! I absolutely LOVE this site. Please keep up the good work!?

  2. Jean

    Love your witty articles! Seriously, they are loaded not just with well-written opinion that is an entertaining read, but truth, information and instruction. Over the past few years, I have become aware of what the Word/Faith, prosperity “gospel” was all about, and when it began to creep into our little country church, my pastor-husband was able to confront it knowledgably, thanks in large part to your articles. Prior to that, we were quite clueless. More, please!! May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

  3. Daniel Harris

    Glad you’re back like Trump says read from two Corinthians 3:17 it’ll be great it’ll be fantastic it’ll be the best.