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Sawyer from Simpsonville, SC

Am I the only Packers fan not totally stressed about Aaron Rodgers? Jordan Love has some serious talent, even if he needs another year or two, and with the way there have been so many QBs coming out of college and playing at high levels quickly, it hopefully wouldn’t be the doldrums for long if it didn’t work out. It seems like the NFL has been adapting some to what college has been producing at QB more so recently than 10-15 years ago, no? Either way, Go Pack Go!

It’s OK to be nervous. Nobody needs to act like a tough guy here. Last weekend shocked everyone and certainly left me with more questions than answers when I closed the laptop Saturday night. Maybe I’m naïve but I still hope cooler heads can prevail. The Packers made a lot of moves, in free agency and the draft, geared towards bringing the Lombardi home in 2021-22. But Green Bay needs Rodgers to do it. It needs his talent, his leadership, and his voice.

Can we ever honestly evaluate our WRs in the II? We may never know 100% for sure what is behind AR’s discontent but the top two reasons seem to be his lack of weapons and the failure to discuss last year’s draft moves ahead of time. We’re a pass-oriented offense and it’s obvious Aaron isn’t happy with his current weapons. WRs need to catch balls! Are you confident with the group behind Davante Adams? How many years do we give them to prove themselves?

As I’ve said, I’d never presume to speak for Rodgers but I don’t think a perceived lack of weapons is part of it at all. The guy has said for years how much he liked Robert Tonyan, Allen Lazard, Marcedes Lewis and so on. Rodgers really seemed to click with Marquez Valdes-Scantling, as well, last year. Maybe there’s something there with Jake Kumerow’s release but I wouldn’t put this current situation on the receivers.

Chuck from Gold Canyon, AZ

Good morning Wes. Notwithstanding the current situation with ARod, are you as surprised as I am that we haven’t signed a QB3 by now? Even when the current situation gets resolved, I would think you would want at least one if not two potential backups. Although this would be cheaper in the UDFA pool, the highest rated of those have already signed. I am not sure what the current veteran FA list looks like.

Yes and no. Yes, because I can’t recall another time when the Packers had only two QBs on the roster after the draft. No, because rookie minicamp isn’t this weekend. So, the Packers have a few days here to come to terms with either a veteran or undrafted free agent.

Zak from Huntington Beach, CA

You mentioned Kylin Hill reminding you of Aaron Jones. In Kylin’s highlight reel there’s a clip of him doing the same “brushing off chest with both hands” move that Aaron Jones often does, and if you put them side-by-side the similarity is uncanny.

I have no clue why Hill was still on the board in the seventh round but that guy has “sleeper” written all over him. Hill was an All-SEC running back who opted out after three games last season. He’s talented, played good competition and fumbled just once in his college career.

Good morning, Wes. I like what we did in this year’s draft. We addressed our needs at CB, OL, and a WR who looks to be an answer to the return game. What I found to be quite cool is Josh Myers and Corey Linsley both attended Ohio St. and wore the same number, No. 71. Here’s to Josh being every bit as good a player as Linsley was in Green Bay.

The bar has been set high but Myers has everything you could want at the position. At 6-5, he’s a new-age interior offensive lineman, as well.

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