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KUWTK fans may have heard of “The Kardashian Curse.” People who believe in it think that men who date the famous family’s women are cursed.

The reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians features the Kardashian women and their partners and exes, and some people believe that the men in their lives are under a “Kardashian curse.” The term “Kardashian curse” is actually pretty well-known and refers to the bad luck that supposedly befalls men who get romantically involved with KUWTK stars. The origin of the term “Kardashian Curse” is not well-known but the phrase cropped up online a few years ago. Some fans are curious about the curse. They are wondering if it’s real or not.

Some of the Kardashian womens’ past relationships have caused men to end up in bad situations. On the list of men who have been with the Kardashian females, there is Lamar Odom, Scott Disick (who went to rehab during the pandemic), Tyga, Kris Humphries, French Montana, Kanye West, and many more. KUWTK viewers are curious about how many of these guys have had bad luck after getting involved with Kardashian family members (or Jenner family members, for that matter). It is true that guys who date or marry women in the family often experience a significant downside?

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Scott Disick has had a lot of problems, and his aforementioned visit to a rehab center underscores this truth. While he is rich, handsome, and famous, Scott’s A-list lifestyle features a lot of temptations that he has to resist. While he was with Kourtney, he reportedly saw other women. Kourtney Kardashian also had issues with his partying (especially after they had kids together). Scott may have underestimated the impact of being in a relationship with someone as famous as Kourtney. There were things he didn’t handle well, and that’s why some fans think he’s a victim of the “Kardashian curse.” He is dissed for dating very young women (including his current love interest, Amelia Hamlin, who is 19) and considered talentless by many. In fact, he called his clothing company, Talentless. 

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries KUWTK

Lamar Odom, who also lived with addiction issues, used to be married to Khloé. He was unfaithful to her and has had cheating regrets. He overdosed and Khloé was by his side in the hospital. He was widely criticized for treating her the way he did, as she had always been very loyal to him. He has led a troubled life and some KUWTK viewers do think he’s a victim of the “Kardashian curse.”

Kris Humphries was married to Kim Kardashian for 72 days. Then, everything went downhill. Former pro basketball player Kris was mentally troubled after being mercilessly booed by many basketball fans. He said, “Is it just because I’m That Guy from TV? Do they think I was trying to be famous? Is it because they think I disrespected the game of basketball?” He continued, “The last one killed me, because all I’ve ever wanted to be known for was basketball.

The latest entry on the list of possibly cursed men is Kanye West, whose marriage with the SKIMS founder Kim (whose shapewear has been harshly dissed) became intensely dramatic. Kim officially filed for divorce recently, and Kanye reportedly won’t speak to her. They have a no-contact system of co-parenting which is rather unusual. Kanye lives with bipolar disorder and has attacked Kim and her mother Kris Jenner on Twitter. He even talked about how Kim considered aborting their oldest daughter, North West. Is Kanye’s conduct the result of a “Kardashian curse,” or the result of living with a mental illness? Fans aren’t quite sure.

Since Kanye had issues before the divorce was initiated, married men may not be safe from the alleged curse. However, it can be argued that some men who get involved with KUWTK women don’t pay a price. Men like Travis Scott (who actually dated a Jenner) and Tristan Thompson are doing pretty well. With that in mind, what happens to men who are linked with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family’s women isn’t necessarily a curse. It may simply be the byproduct of being connected to such a high-profile family.

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