#KimKardashian | Kim Kardashian’s Evolution From Reality Star to Beauty and Fashion Mogul

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The real reasons why Kim Kardashian became a billionaire

Love her or hate her, you’ve got to give Kim Kardashian West some credit. According to Forbes, the reality TV star, 40, saw her net worth soar to $1bn this month, due mainly to the success of her shapewear brand Skims, and the cosmetics company KKW Beauty. In addition to numerous endorsement deals made off the back of her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is now in its 20th and final season, Kardashian ventured out on her own in 2017 with KKW Beauty, after watching her sister Kylie Jenner’s overnight success with Kylie Cosmetics. A billionaire in her own right, Jenner sold a majority stake to beauty giant Coty for $600 million in 2019, while Kardasian is reported to have sold 20% of KKW to Coty last year, who valued the company at $1 billion. You may be wondering what Kim Kardashian has got to do with you. But, I would argue that, indirectly, she’s had a quiet influence on how you look, without you even knowing it. I’ve been writing about health and beauty for 25 years. I’ve seen most trends come around at least a dozen times. But I’ve never seen such a lasting impact as the one made by the Kardashians. Before Kim came onto the small screen in 2007, the ideal body image was thin and shapeless. We were in the thick of a shocking size zero era, spearheaded by the Zoe-bots, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, then style disciples of super stylist, Rachel Zoe. Zoe took young Hollywood under her wing and transformed their fluffy Californian style into a high fashion affair. She teamed their super svelte frames with oversized handbags and giant sunglasses, which only emphasized how slim these girls actually were. Whether they were naturally thin or not, there wasn’t much else to aspire to.

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