#nfl | Longtime NFL Executive Names 1 Major College Football Problem

Sports fans around the country are definitely grateful that college football is actually being played this year. That doesn’t mean they won’t critique the sport when something is clearly wrong with it.

Over the past few days there’s been a major issue ruining college football games, at least that’s what former NFL executive Gil Brandt thinks.

Following the Indiana-Ohio State game, Brandt tweeted “OPI is out of control in college football.” He didn’t provide too much context for this tweet, but it’s easy to see why he feels that way.

Last night, Purdue lost to Minnesota because of an egregious offensive pass interference call on Payne Durham. Despite the fact that he didn’t make contact with the opposing defender, the refs threw the flag.

Now there weren’t any phantom calls this Saturday, but multiple teams were getting away with rub routes downfield. For those who don’t know, it’s the equivalent of setting an illegal screen in basketball.

The inconsistency when it comes to calling offensive pass interference has become an issue. Officials are allowing receivers to either push off their defender or set a screen for their teammate, yet Purdue was flagged for a nonexistent shove.

College football is still awfully entertaining, but this issue has to get fixed before the postseason.

Do you agree with Brandt’s take on offensive pass interference?

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