#politics | Whether it’s Vince Vaughn or Alyssa Milano, stop worrying about actors’ politics

Vince Vaughn is trending for the same reason Ellen DeGeneres made waves last fall: He had the audacity to have a civil conversation with a Republican president.

When the Wedding Crashers actor was spotted chatting with President Trump at the College Football Playoff National Championship game Monday night, a handful of leftists were not happy.

Most people who responded on social media, however, appeared to be thrilled. Finally, a Hollywood celebrity who doesn’t hate the president! He probably loved Ricky Gervais’s monologue too. The response from the Right was nothing short of ecstatic.

For all of you Vaughn lovers or haters, I have good news: You don’t have to care.

After appearing with Trump, Vaughn is neither the devil nor the Hollywood savior we need to deliver us from the woke elites. He’s just a somewhat rich and famous dude who got to meet the president and didn’t turn his conversation into World War III. Sadly, that is notable nowadays, but it’s no reason to avoid his movies or to watch them, and it’s no reason lionize the actor.

Republicans often complain about liberal celebrities always spouting their political opinions, but there’s another side to the coin. If you don’t care about the opinions of liberal celebrities, you can also not care about the opinions of conservative celebrities.

Liberals aren’t used to having to separate art from the artist, but most conservatives know that whether or not you agree with someone should have little effect on your enjoyment of their films. That’s true for Vaughn, Alyssa Milano, and everyone in between.

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