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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

WE have spoken so as many others writing in newspapers and
social media platforms about corruption that stares at us in every direction in
our society where the majority of citizens are characterized by honor and trust
except a few identified by individual members of the society whom they look
upon with disdain!!

Now, everything is in disarray due to
the multitude of stories about corruption and the corrupt mixing up with the
rest of the honorable citizens to the point that the actors are no longer
identified! The unfortunate or sad aspect of the situation is that corruption
has eaten deep into the fabric of our society with stealing of public and
private funds through citizenship forgery and defrauding of citizens.

The National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim spoke
passionately about this issue. It is equally scary, as we have also discussed
the file over which the executive and legislative authorities are silent for
reasons known to themselves! The issue is about dual citizenship holders who
are known to have been fed with double breasts, an act the Constitution frowns
upon. However, the deed is already done!

The funny and sad aspect of the situation is that corruption
has reached the level of religious people who should have been guided by their
religious practice to be virtuous, as we have been accustomed, in line with the
usual expected attribute. We have seen many members of the religious groups who
regard themselves as pious, and are equally considered as such in society,
drowning in corruption through tenders and embezzling millions of public funds,
and woefully failing to execute technical works.

We also see members of a particular religious group in a
ministry designated by successive governments who are neck deep in corruption.
This is a confirmed case of corruption based on correct-unbiased reports but
none of them has been penalized, because reports are either referred to
committees whose members belong to the same groups or they have been forgotten.
More serious cases are floating on the surface and the society forgets the
stories concerning corrupt religious persons!

We will relate to those religious persons and their followers
what happened to their Jewish counterparts in Israel; those we abuse day and
night for the past 70 years but unable to capture an inch.

Tel Aviv newspapers reported the “new corruption case against
the fourth Israeli minister and six religious leaders”!! The Israeli police
have arrested six prominent Jewish religious leaders for investigation over
criminal suspicions related to several corruption issues said to have commenced
over ten months ago. The news revealed that Israeli police in West Jerusalem
arrested a high-ranking Rabbi, Eliezer Pearland, his wife and five disciples
over suspicions of exploiting people for services such as treatment and
spiritual blessing, in addition to tax evasion.

The police disclosed that 200 citizens have been rounded up
as witnesses as they are aware of the practices of Pearland and his disciples
who demanded huge sums to heal and protect them against diseases. He was giving
them tablets as if they were medicine, while in actual fact, they were mere
sweets and sugar “mentos”.

We pity the situation of Rabbi Eliezer Pearland and wish to
tell him this: “If you were in Kuwait to gather millions from philanthropists
and ended up spending it on yourself or you were a low cadre government
employee who misappropriated millions by showering it on religious colleagues,
what is happening to you in the Jewish state now wouldn’t have happened here,
because we in Kuwait – represented by our government, security apparatus and
Parliament believe to the bone marrow in the saying: “Be religious and live

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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