#religion | Letter: Every job and every religion is essential

When governments shuttered business and churches allowing only “essential” businesses to remain open, I received a letter from the Department of Defense that said my business was essential. However, do we not live in a country where the Constitution and rule of law dictate our actions? That life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights secured by our form of government?

Then how is it our governments treat individuals unjustly based on how they earn their living or how they worship worship? Every job is essential to the person who earns a living from it. Every religion is essential to the person who believes it. Denying such is to deny anyone a livelihood, liberty and their pursuit of happiness.

Our national character is being tested, and where many have given freely their lives to secure our liberty, today, we secure our lives by freely giving up our liberty. Fear has become our lawmaker.

Government health experts have much in science to offer us for health and safety. However, they do not feed our families, pay our mortgages, or secure our liberty. Calling some essential and others not is a sad moment of history. All are essential.

Daniel Loveridge


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