#sports | Tom Brady shops at Target

1. Imagine you’re in Target and you’re pushing your cart filled with a case of Poland Spring water, a 12-pack of toilet paper, a few pairs of socks, an iPhone charger, a package of AAA batteries and whatever other stuff you just happened to grab not because you need it, but just because you’re in a Target, and you look up and see the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL.

Well, if you live in Tom Brady’s neighborhood, this could happen to you.

During a SiriusXM Town Hall interview this week, Brady was talking about how he always likes to give fans he bumps into a memorable experience, but it’s not always easy to do.

“I always wanna overdeliver for people. When people meet me outside on the street or when people in the neighborhood, I always wanna feel like they left going, ‘Hey, man, that guy was a cool guy. I enjoyed meeting that guy.’ That’s an effort thing. If I take my kids out to, say, Target, to go shopping, I wanna be with them and spend time with them and people will see me and I don’t have my game face on. I’m in my family mode. So some of those experiences can be tricky to navigate because I don’t want them walking away thinking, ‘Oh I met that guy. He’s a real jerk.’ ”

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