Yeva Sarkisyan – Nunn Will Be Your Best Friend And Your Worst Enemy.

Yeva Sarkisyan–Nunn will be your best friend and your worst enemy. Yeva (who also goes by Eve) is the mastermind behind the scenes of the most notorious public relations firm, Y.E.S. Public Relations. She’s the epitome of “smoke and mirrors” in the entertainment industry and here’s why. Prior to creating a buzz for herself and Y.E.S. in the industry, Yeva teamed up with her husband, Greg Nunn, to fabricate her journalism to control the narrative that she represents big names in order to get big business. She began by having others in the entertainment business refer to her as Eva to prevent any legal action being linked back to her maiden name, Yeva Sarkisyan and her husband Greg Nunn. Throughout the years, Eva and her husband used Y.E.S. to create fraudulent storylines in the entertainment industry to specialize in crisis PR and named herself the “woman you call when you have money and step in some shit” however, she was creating it.

Her most prominent claim to fame dates back to the Lamar Odom scandal that broke in tabloids a few years back. Instead of cleaning up Lamar’s mess, Eva use Y.E.S. to make it messier. She began by starting rumors about Lamar by stating to several entertainment managers, lawyers and blogs that he was cheating on his then wife, Khloe Kardashian. As many people know, Lamar also suffered from drug abuse which Eva supplied on the daily basis along with hired prostitutes. Instead of keeping her loyalty to Lamar, Eva tried massaging relationships with his enemies and ex-wife Khloe. However, the Kardashian clan had no interest in working with Eva due to the relationship she had with Lamar. Once Eva got word that she had been outcasted by the Kardashian family, she made it her mission to ruin Khloe. Fast forwarding to 2019, Eva connected Jordyn Woods with Tristan Thompson through Y.E.S. knowing that Tristan was in a relationship with Khloe and they were expecting a baby. TMZ broke the story that Tristan was cheating on Khloe, but they didn’t seem to mention that Eva was the force behind the Jordyn and Tristan scandal.

Eva’s caring personality makes it easy to love her but also easier to fear her. She uses her nurturing demeanor to offset her devilish ways to divide and conquer associates but mainly to destroy households.